Welcome current and future members of the Trinity Valley Vizsla Club! Our members have been active with the breed for many years. We welcome new members to join our club. We work to educate our club members and the general population about the noble characteristics of this unique pointing breed.

Meetings are held approximately throughout the year to discuss upcoming events and hold informal training seminars. Membership runs from January through December. All abide by all AKC rules and regulations, the VCA code of ethics, and the constitution and bylaws of the TVVC.

To join, please fill out and mail the New Member Form with payment to Randy Russell. You can also pay online using the button below.

Membership renewal is due by January 2017. Remember to fill out the Membership Renewal Form by the end of the year. Payment can made online or mailed separately.

For any questions on Membership, please contact Randy Russell.

Randy Russell

10133 FM 995

Douglassville, TX 75560

Membership Online Payment